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  Airports of Thailand Public Co., Ltd.  
  Bangkok Aviation Fule Services Public Co., Ltd.  
  Bangkok Expressway Public Co., Ltd.  
  Bang Pa - In Land Development Co., Ltd.  
  Bifinger + Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft  
  Ch. Karnchang Public Co., Ltd.  
  Department of Aviation  
  Department of Energy Promotion  
  Department of Highways  
  Department of Rural Roads  
  Department of Water Resources  
  Esso Standard Thailand Limited  
  Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University  
  Fule Pipeline Transportation Ltd.  
  Highland City Co., Ltd.  
  Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand  
  Japan International Cooperation Agency  
  Joint Venture BBCD  
  Joint Venture BBCE  
  Joint Venture BBCT  
  JP One  
  Kasetsart University  
  Marine Department  
  Marketing Organization for Farmers  
  Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority  
  Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives  
  Ministy of Natural Resource and Environment  
  MMC Sittipol Co., Ltd.  
  National Economic and Social Development Bord  
  New Bangkok International Airport Co., Ltd.  
  Northen Bangkok Expressway Co., Ltd.  
  Office of the Eastern Seaboard Development Committee  
  Office of University Affairs  
  Pattaya District  
  Petroleum Authority of Thailand  
  Phuket Air Catering Co., Ltd.  
  Pollution Control Department  
  Provincial Waterworks Authority  
  Royal Irrigation Department  
  Suranaree University of Technology  
  Thai Airway International Public Co., Ltd.  
  Thammasat University  
  Expressway and Rapid Transit Authorty of Thailand  
  Thai Aviation Refuelling Co., Ltd.  
  Tourism Authorty of Thailand  
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