Vision and Mission


  • INDEX shall seek to become the leading engineering consultancy firm for  infrastructure development for all sectors and systems for the entire life cycle development from the upstream feasibility study and conceptual design to the mid stream engineering and detailed design and to the downstream project management and construction supervision, and beyond to the development and investment stage as well.  
  • INDEX shall pursue business for the sustainable growth policy under the complete satisfaction toward our customers especially the post service and guarantee for our products.
  • INDEX shall seek to become the leading professional service provider that establish a strong foundation to support internal career path stability for our employees with their deserved welfares and financial benefit and also offer suitable profit dividend to our shareholders according to the market condition under the good governance policy of our organization.
  • INDEX shall pursue business operation to accomplish the targeted profit that is binding with our shareholders under the good governance practice and create the dividend for the shareholders who have invested the confidence and trust in our corporate fairly and justly according to the outcome and performance of our company, and we shall allocate our wealth back to the society and community who are affected by our project development in accordance with the corporate social responsibility policy.


INDEX has targeted  their  business operation into 3 key sectors for the next  20 years (2020-2040) as follows.
  • Engineering Consultancy Service Provider
  • Infrastructure Developer
  • Real Estate Developer
INDEX has planned to take up the following business roles to meet our business goal establishment as follows.
1.  Engineering Consultancy Service Provider
     INDEX shall focus our consultancy service for the engineering feasibility study and  design, project management and construction supervision for all key transport infrastructure projects i.e. Mass Transit/MRT/LRT/Monorail, Railway, Expressway & Highway, Airport, Port., Freight, and Fuel Pipe,  domestically and internationally.
2. Infrastructure Developer
     INDEX shall  engage  in  joint venture  with the specialized contractor and investor for the infrastructure development projects under the public-private-partnership (PPP) of the government for different schemes i.e.  Design and Build, Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), and  Project Concession.
3. Real Estate Developer
    INDEX shall  engage  in joint venture and/or  project management for the real estate development and industrial estate project that reveal the potential for investment and apparent success upon implementation.