Privacy Policy

The Company requires consent for the use of personal information on the Company's website and Investor Relations website. The collected information will be used to develop and improve the website to meet the needs of users

1. Information that the company collects

Personal data and contact information including title, first and last name, email address, phone number, educational record (In applying for a job, specify the level of education, field of study, educational institution, GPA and applying for a contact information, organization, province, country)

2. Use of information

  • For respond back and provide information or answer questions via the website
  • For respond back and/or request other information/consent of applicants for job via the website
  • To develop the website, content, etc. within the website to meet the needs of users

3. Security

The Company values personal data in doing transactions/others activities with the Company via the website. Those personal information that collected will be encrypted during storage to prevent theft and/or misuse. Our Company prioritize personal data at the highest level which is necessary to obtain permission from the person concerned or the person responsible for the use of such personal information.

4. Retention period of personal information

The Company will collects personal information for a period of time as necessary but not exceeding the statute/law stipulated. After the purpose of collecting personal data is achieved, the Company will permanently delete those data which will not be able recovered in order to comply with the prescribed laws/laws